Reusable Tableware Rental Service for Events

Reusable Tableware rental service for events

How we work? 1. deliver reusables only to your venue 2. Deliver reusables to your venue; or deliver food in our reusable containers to your venue 3. Arrange helpers on-site 4. Collect the used tableware, wash and reuse

Whether it’s a large-scale corporate events, outdoor weddings, parties, private gatherings, carnivals, cocktail receptions, plate banquets, ReCube for Events can help you make your event sustainable!

Past events


HKBU Centre For Innovative Service-Learning Fifth Anniversary Celebration Luncheon

We were invited by the HKBU CISL to rent reusable meal boxes for their anniversary luncheon.

我們很榮幸獲得Society for Hong Kong Studies的邀請,聯同一念素食和Space Cafe Kitchen兩間合作餐廳,促成2023年6月16日、6月17日一連兩日的「外賣0浪費」,合共減少了200個即棄餐盒。

ReCube x SocHK x Bijas x Sp.Ace Collaboration - "Zero Waste Takeaway"

We were honored to have been invited by the Society for Hong Kong Studies to collaborate with Bijas and Space Cafe Kitchen for a two-day “Zero Waste Takeaway” event. Together, we successfully reduced 200 disposable food containers.